Kim Michaels

Fragment from the book

"My Lives with Lucifer, Satan, Hitler and Jesus"


Dictionary of acronyms

Part 1: My existence before coming to earth

Part 2: My first embodiment on earth

Part 3: The downward spiral

Part 4: The Upward Climb

Part 5: The Venusian Mystery School

Part 6: Preparations for Jesus’ mission

Part 7: The conclusion of Jesus’ mission

Part 8: How they created Christianity to destroy Jesus’ mission

Part 9: The fallen beings in the modern era

Part 10: The Armageddon of the 20th century


Dictionary of acronyms

PCBs (Power and Control Brokers)

CIA (Crippled Imaginary Ability)

WCs (Weapons of Control)

PIN (Programmed Illusion of Normality)

USA (Unsubstantiated Social Anxiety)

USSR (Uncontrollable Social Suppression Response)

PRC (Pathologically Restricted Cognition)

VRA (Very Rude Awakening)

VHA (Very Happy Awakening)

DDT (Deliberately Deceptive Thinking)

SHK (School of Hard Knocks)

Part 1: My existence before coming to earth


People can be divided into two categories: those who have considered the question “Why am I here?” and those who have not considered this and related questions. Because the physical matter that makes up earth is so much denser than on the vast majority of inhabited planets, it is easy to ignore certain questions here. However, due to the density of matter, one cannot ignore these questions forever. Dense matter defines a limited lifespan for the bodies we are using as vehicles for interacting with this planetary energy matrix. So there will come a point where one has a VRA (Very Rude Awakening) and realizes that one’s current body will die within the foreseeable future. This does make certain questions spring to the forefront of one’s mind. One can postpone these questions for a while, but they are inescapable questions—eventually.

Among those who have considered these questions, one can again create a division between those who have not found answers and those who have. I have found answers to the question of why I – personally – am on this planet, which belongs to the lowest category of inhabited planets in our universe. My purpose for writing is to give the full explanation of why I am here. And by describing key aspects of my long journey on this and a few other planets, I will indeed give a full and complete explanation.

I want to make it clear that I will give an explanation of why I – personally – am here. It will be an individual, subjective explanation. I am saying this because the central problem on dense-matter planets like earth is that most inhabitants of such planets (of which there is a relatively small number left in our universe) have not understood the central dynamic on these planets.

The basic dynamic on dense-matter planets is that every single inhabitant is having an individual – a subjective – experience. On a dense-matter planet, it is categorically impossible to have anything but a subjective experience. In fact, the very purpose of a dense-matter planet is to give people an entirely subjective experience. We will have this type of experience until we have had enough of it and can rise to a less dense planet to continue our individual evolution. At the same time, due to the density of matter, most inhabitants of dense-matter planets do not understand why they are on such a planet. We are here because we have not yet overcome the desire for wanting to make our subjective experience universal.

Look at planet earth. You see innumerable conflicts and problems. On a superficial level, they may seem to have many different causes. When you look behind surface appearances, you see that the struggle between individuals and groups of people has only one cause. Most people have some need to make their subjective experience universal. We can’t just experience and let experience. We have to try to get other people to accept our subjective experience and validate it as being universal and superior to their ownsubjective experience.



For a relatively small minority of people this need has reached epic proportions and become obsessive-compulsive. They are not having a need; the need is having them. These people have attempted to invent any number of explanations that give some kind of infallible and irrefutable authority to their subjective experience. They desperately want to provide a universal and authoritative explanation for why their subjective experience is not subjective but universal, why it is not relative but absolute, why it is not temporary but has some long-lasting, even eternal, significance.

As the primary tool for doing this, they invent various belief systems and claim that the ideas that make up the system have some unquestionable authority. Religions claim their ideas are given by some infallible god, a god who is always somewhere else so that you cannot verify their claims but must accept it because they say so. Political ideologies claim a political or historical necessity, meaning that one day society will conform to their claim although there is no proof. And the religious-political system called scientific materialism claims that science has validated its ideas or that they are based on laws of nature.

Whatever the system, the basic dynamic is the same. Some people are using the system in order to say to the rest of the population that they should be having a certain kind of life experience on this planet. There is only one struggle on earth, and it is caused by several minority groups wanting to control the life experience of the majority. Power struggles are never about physical resources, land or power. They are always about controlling what goes on inside people’s minds. The physical conditions are only a means to the end of controlling your life experience. This is done because those who control your life experience can control what you do with your life energy. And energy is far more important than money or power because energy is money, power—and everything else.

On a dense-matter planet there is absolutely no universal experience and there is not meant to be. You are meant to have a subjective experience until you realize that you are having a subjective experience and consciously decide that you want to step up to the next level of experiences possible in our very vast and complex world (I am not saying “universe” because our total world is far more than the material universe). It is precisely the density of matter that allows you to have a subjective experience because on a dense-matter planet, you cannot directly perceive that there is something beyond matter. You can believe that your subjective experience is universal because you cannot directly perceive how subjective is your sense of universality.

The essential problem on earth is that certain people have managed to export their subjective experiences to others by creating a system that – while still springing entirely from a subjective experience – has been given an appearance of universality by a large number of people accepting it and allowing it to shape their subjective experiences. The originators of such systems all believe that if only they can get all people on earth to accept their system, then it will indeed gain some universal validity and authority. They believe this will give them what they ultimately crave, namely total control over the universe—as they see it.

These people were not among the original inhabitants of this planet, but they have been here for a long time (a lot longer than I have). In every epoch they have formed various power elite groups, which is why I call them PCBs (Power and Control Brokers). By the way, I am not advancing a conspiracy theory because the PCBs are inherently divided and are often opposing each other in two or more groups seeking ultimate control. Thus, they cannot truly conspire. Most of the conflicts seen throughout history (which goes back far further than currently accepted) have their causes in this rivalry. One group of PCBs form an established elite and they are being fought by another group that forms an aspiring elite. Members of the established elite have turned the population into their slaves. Members of the aspiring elite claim they will free the population from this slavery, but their real aim is to make the population the slaves of themselves.

As I will describe, I have been around such people for a very long time, and by observing them create some of the most bizarre events of history, I have realized that their quest is futile from the outset. I have also seen that once you create or accept one of these universalist systems, you become the victim of the most common syndrome on this planet, namely CIA (Crippled Imaginary Ability).

This inevitably puts you into a constant struggle with a self-defined enemy, causing you to look at other human beings through a particular filter that gives you USA (Unsubstantiated Social Anxiety). You can no longer accept that you are on a planet where free will is the basic law. You cannot allow other people to express their free will, you simply have to try to force the free will of others. For some people this leads them into the next level of paranoia where they want to actively suppress the freedom of others, therefore suffering from USSR (Uncontrollable Social Suppression Response). This happens because all PCBs suffer from PRC (Pathologically Restricted Cognition) and therefore cannot see any connection between themselves and other people. They have fallen victim to one of the most common illusions on this planet, namely that you can harm other people without harming yourself.


The reason I am starting out by making such a big deal of these PCBs is twofold. First of all, my personal story (on earth) is very closely linked to these beings. It is not too much to say that they are a big part of why I am on this planet and why I am still on this planet, as is the case for most of us. Neither is it too much to say that it was only in figuring out how to personally deal with PCBs that I realized why I am here and what it will take for me to get out of here. So they are an inescapable part of my personal story.

Another reason for talking about PCBs from the outset is that they have severely limited my ability to tell my story. In order to tell the story of how I came to be on this planet, and how I eventually gained awareness of who I am and why I am here, I have to give you many concepts that will be completely alien to – and most likely in opposition to – your current view of life. This view is very heavily influenced by the PCBs and the WCs (Weapons of Control) they have created.

In telling my personal story, I will have to go very far beyond what you have been brought up to believe about life. I will have to violate your PIN (Programmed Illusion of Normality) so severely that most people are likely to reject what I am saying. The brutal fact is that 99 percent of human beings have been so brainwashed by the PCBs that they will reject the realizations that could set them free from the WCs. Your brainwashing may be so complete that you will protest and claim that you have not been brainwashed but that your system tells you the truth about life. You will resist having a VRA by attacking what could liberate you.

Again, because I have been on this planet for such a long time and seen the outplaying of the PCBs through several historical epochs, I have developed complete respect for free will. If you want to believe that you have not been brainwashed, I am happy to leave you in that state of mind (anyway, I can say nothing that you will accept). I know that you have not yet had enough of this experience and that the inescapable wheel of time will eventually bring you to a point where you will want something higher. This may happen long after I am gone from this planet, and thus it is not my responsibility. In fact, I now know that I will not get off this planet until I fully accept that other beings are not my responsibility. I am not here to change others (especially not the PCBs) but only and exclusively to change myself. Nor am I here to change anything on this planet.

I know some will refer to a common definition of brainwashing and say that according to current psychological doctrine, brainwashing is only possible when people are kept in an isolated location and have no contact with anyone outside their prison. Therefore, they have no objective frame of reference to evaluate what they are being told by their programmers. A common example is American soldiers brainwashed during the Korean war. So my questions are: “When was the last time you took a trip away from this planet? When was the last time you left your physical body? Have you had much contact with supra-terrestrial beings lately?”

Yes, you are indeed confined to a very limited environment, and you have no frame of reference from outside this planetary unit. So how can you avoid accepting some of the heavy programming from a small elite of PCBs who are desperate to make you accept that instead of having your subjective experience, you should be having the subjective experience they have designed for you and worship them as the universal and unquestionable authorities of earth?

I know Abraham Lincoln is famous for saying that while you can fool some of the people all of the time and all of the people some of the time, you can’t fool all of the people all of the time. In a way he was right, but I think he had little conception of the real time scale. I can personally witness that it is indeed possible to fool all of the people for at least a couple of million years, and I doubt that is what good old Abe had in mind.



So let me just end what turned out to be a strange introductory chapter by saying that I am quite aware what the PCBs will say to my writing. First of all, they will try to ignore it and hope that most people will do the same. Here, they will be helped by the PIN they have created because what I will say will go far beyond the doctrines of their WCs.

If enough people refuse to be limited by the PIN and begin to pay attention to what I am writing, the PCBs will say: “By what authority do you speak?” They will want me to prove my authority and prove the validity of the ideas I am presenting. Do you see the irony here?

I am going to tell you a story that goes very far beyond the PIN created by the PCBs through their WCs. Yet they will be saying that unless I can prove my authority and my ideas according to the standard defined by their PIN, I have no authority and validity. This is the very central dynamic that prevents people on dense-matter planets from waking up and freeing themselves from the PCBs. It is what often creates a self-reinforcing downward spiral on such planets that leads to very destructive physical conditions. This has happened several times in now forgotten epochs of this planet. It has erased several civilizations that had achieved a far higher state of technological sophistication than ours (without the raised consciousness that allows people to use technology in a way that does not destroy themselves—in which they are much like our civilization).

My answer is that I claim no authority and I will present no proof or even argument for my ideas. I have come to know the ideas I am going to tell you through a very long process of seeking answers from a higher source than the PCBs. For those who have not gone through their own personal process of discovery, my ideas will seem like fantasy, heresy or nonsense (or all of the above) and that is exactly how it should be. People will not free themselves from the PCBs until they are ready to question the PIN, and for those who haven’t started this process, my ideas will seem too far-fetched. I have learned through hard lessons that there is nothing I can do about it—and I have accepted that I don’t have to. For those who have gone through the same process I have gone through, my ideas will be validated because they resonate with what they already know from within. Nothing, of course, scares the PCBs more than people who realize they can know from within and do not need an external authority. The other thing the PCBs will say is that I am doing exactly what I accuse them of doing, namely taking my subjective experience and seeking to make it universal by getting you to accept it. This is precisely the kind of “sophisticated” counterargument they use to neutralize those who have begun to question their WCs. It springs from their DDT (Deliberately Deceptive Thinking), and they have a very long experience in using it against others and each other. It is true that on their fruits you can know them, but this includes more than actions and you can quickly learn to identify them by their thinking.

In reality, I am not writing this because I want you to accept it. I am writing it because doing so is part of my own personal process of qualifying for my final exit from this planet. I need to write this in order to clarify things in my own mind and in order to see if I’m still attached to changing anybody or anything on this planetary unit. (I was tempted to say “screwed-up planet,” but that would have been a value judgment, which is one of the tell-tale signs of an attachment.)

Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn how you or the PCBs react to this book. I realize that writing it is an entirely subjective process. You reading it will also be an entirely subjective process. However, here is the reality of the situation.

The PCBs believe that if they can make their subjective experience universal (by making all people on this planet accept it), then the authorities in the realm above earth must accept the PCBs and let them in. In reality, the only way to get out of this planet is to raise your subjective experience to the point where you are no longer identified with it. You see that it is subjective and instead of trying to make it universal, you accept that it will always be and can only be subjective. You then realize that you are more than the subjective experience.

It took me almost two million (I said 2,000,000) years on this planet to come to this realization. You have to follow your own process of reaching this realization. However, I had teachers along the way who helped me. We do need to have a certain amount of experiences on this planet before we are ready to see the dynamic I have described. But we do not need to have every possible experience because we can indeed learn from the experiences of others. As I have been helped by others, perhaps my story can help you; not by you blindly believing it but by it triggering an inner experience in you.


In its essence, life on this planet is a progressive process where we start at a lower level of self-awareness and gradually (sometimes agonizingly gradually) rise to a higher level of self-awareness. Each step on this journey is triggered by an experience of awakening from a lower sense of identity. We realize: “Oh, I am not this limited self; I am more than this self.” This is a VHA (Very Happy Awakening).

This experience can be triggered in two ways. One is that we have an actual physical experience that then triggers the shift in the mind. However, the only way any of us can make it within a reasonable time-frame (and two million years is actually quite reasonable, given the complexity of the task) is that we also have shifting experiences that are triggered without the physical experience (which always takes time, sometimes an incredible amount of time and repetition). In other words, we have an experience that is produced in the mind itself (without the need for a physical experience) because of inspiration from outside the mind. (This is what really scares the PCBs.)

One way to have this inner shifting experience (an experience vehemently denied by the PCBs and all of their WCs) is to be inspired by the experiences and insights of others. So perhaps my writing this story can trigger a shift in others. And perhaps me saying this demonstrates that I have not yet fully overcome my desire to change something on this planet, the very desire that brought me here in the first place.

So I am not (consciously) writing this in the hope of convincing anyone of anything. I am writing because I have realized and accepted that I have a right to be in embodiment on earth. I have a right to be who I am, meaning I have a right to go beyond the standard for what it means to be a human being according to the PCBs and their PIN. I have a right to express myself. I have a right to tell my story.


I know well that some people will interpret the ideas in this book to have some universal validity, perhaps even authority. I am not saying they do and I am not saying they don’t. I am only saying that any validity or authority you give to this book is entirely a product of your personal experience. I refuse to try to export my personal experience to you.

That being said, a personal experience can be subjective or it can be individual. We all have an outer mind or personality and when we look at the world through it, our experience is entirely subjective. Yet we also have the ability to go beyond the outer personality and have an experience that is not subjective but still individual. This requires you to accept only what is validated from deep within yourself, by making contact with the part of you that came from beyond the level of subjective experience and can return there when you resolve the enigma that brought you here. We might compare this to you standing in a certain location and looking out over the landscape. When you are wearing colored glasses and don’t know it, your experience is subjective. When you take off the glasses, your experience is no longer subjective but still individual because you are looking at the landscape from a localized vantage point. It can be no other way as long as you are in a physical body on a dense-matter planet.

Now, you see, in the preceding paragraph I have already hit against and violated the “thought ceilings” defined by several of the popular WCs on this planet. What do the most popular WCs say about you? They say you are an inherently limited being, that you are a product of factors entirely beyond your control, either a remote god in heaven, random changes or invariable laws of nature. The fact is that none of us are inherently limited beings. We do start out with a very localized sense of self, but we have the potential to expand our sense of self and there is no inherent limitation to how far we can take this process. No force outside ourselves can actually limit the expansion of self-awareness.

On planet earth, the PCBs have managed to make most people believe that there are such limits. They have used either a religion, a political ideology or materialism to define you as a limited being. They do this, as I said, because of their obsessive-compulsive need to control us, which is a product of their USA, including the completely flawed belief that they can make their subjective experience have universal validity and authority.

So we have a peculiar situation on earth. In reality, no force outside yourself can limit the expansion of your self-awareness. Yet most people believe their self-expansion is limited, and this actually has some temporary “reality.” The PCBs are an external force and they have managed to make most of us believe that our self-expression is limited. And as long as you believe you are limited, you are indeed limited. Or rather, you will behave as if you are limited, and this means you can be controlled.

Do you see the central irony of earth and other dense-matter planets? Because matter is so dense, it seems that we have a very limited ability to change matter. This reinforces the illusion that we are powerless beings. As long as we believe we are limited, we will more readily submit to the control of the PCBs. Meaning, that as long as we believe we should allow them to control us, they are indeed controlling us. Yet their control is based on upholding the illusion from which it springs. And that is why they will take all possible measures to silence those who challenge the central illusion that allows them to continue to believe they are in control. As I will explain later, I have seen how far they will go. The PCBs do indeed have an obsessive-compulsive need to feel they are in control, and this need is completely controlling them. You cannot seek to control others without being controlled yourself.

Anyway, I am digressing. What I really wanted to do was to start this chapter with the words: “A long, long time ago in a realm far beyond the material universe.”

Again, we hit the thought ceiling defined by the WCs. Some of them say there is nothing beyond the material universe. Others say there is some remote heaven world, but it is inhabited only by perfect beings and since you are inherently flawed, you did not come from there.

These are all lies aimed at controlling you. The PCBs believe that if you awaken to who you really are, this is the ultimate threat to their reign on earth (and for once, they are right). So they have done everything they can think of with their CIA to make you believe some fiction about who you are, where you came from and what you can do on this planet. Now, let me tell you what I have discovered about who we really are.



You are not a product of the material universe. You did not originate in this universe. You came from a different realm and you originally entered this universe in a state of self-awareness that was very different from what you have now. Over a very long period of time, which includes taking on many different physical bodies on this and other planets, you have built your current sense of identity, your current sense of self. You have built this self in reaction to the, most likely very violent and hurtful, experiences you have had in this universe and specifically on this planet. You will get out of this limited realm only by allowing this reactionary self to die gradually while returning to your original sense of identity, your original innocence. Here, of course, is another problem because what I have just said goes against all of the WCs on earth.

The earth is a dense-matter planet. Out of the literally billions of planets in the material universe with self-aware life-forms, there is only a very small fraction that have matter as dense as earth. Most of the self-aware beings who are part of our universe have now evolved to such a level of self-awareness that they live on planets where matter is far less dense and therefore more pliable, more responsive to the mind.

The function of a dense-matter planet is to serve as a sort of last-ditch attempt to help the beings who have not yet been willing to accept the fundamental realization of the material universe, namely that matter is subservient to mind. Yes, contrary to what all WCs on earth tell you, matter takes on form because it is acted upon by self-aware minds (included, but not limited to, ours). When you accept this, you can begin taking embodiment on planets with a lower density, and this makes it easier for you to develop your ability to consciously shape matter by using all four levels of your mind. Of course, most of us started our journey on planets with a lower density of matter.

Over the cause of the incredibly long time span that our material universe has existed and has been the home of self-aware beings, the vast majority of its inhabitants have accepted this fact. A very small percentage have not been willing to do this, and there can be only one reason. These beings are not willing to accept that they themselves have created the physical circumstances they encounter in the material universe. They have not been willing to take responsibility for themselves and their situation. In order to give them another opportunity, they have then been moved to dense-matter planets.

I know this can seem contradictory. I mean, on a planet with the matter density of earth it is easy to believe that our minds do not have power to shape matter and that our circumstances are created by forces entirely beyond our control, be it some god in the sky, some other group of people or some laws of nature. So it would seem that the density of matter only serves to reinforce the illusion that we have not created our circumstances.

I understand this can seem like a paradox. Why place beings who suffer from an illusion in an environment that reinforces the illusion? The reason is simple. The beings who have come to earth have not been willing to respond to the inspiration from others. They need to have a physical experience before their minds can shift, and it needs to be an extreme experience. This is what they get on earth. Because matter is so dense, it is possible to create some very severe physical circumstances that create incredible amounts of suffering. You just need to cast a quick glance at the history books to see what I mean. Or perhaps you have actually experienced what I mean. The rather disturbing fact is that the vast majority of the people currently embodying on earth are not open to learning the easy way, so they have (unconsciously, of course) enrolled themselves in the SHK (School of Hard Knocks).

Now, I know this sounds paradoxical, but when it comes to the mindset that dominates earth, paradox is built into its very foundation (as I will explain later). So the reality is that when beings will not listen to others, they can change only by seeing the outpicturing of their mindset to such an extreme degree that they finally have a VRA and begin to question the basic mindset of their planetary unit. In past ages, the willingness to question the PIN was limited, but in this age, millions and millions of people have reached the level of their personal development where they are ready to question what kind of planet they are on and why there is so much suffering. They are ready to have a series of VHAs.

Okay, I got lost in giving you some basic explanation so let me get back to what I was trying to say. Earth has a certain number of beings who were created to start their evolution from this planet when it was in a purer state. However, it also has a very large number of beings (now the majority) who came from other planets. Some are here because they failed the initiation of accepting responsibility for the creative abilities of their minds. Others came here on various types of self-defined rescue missions to try to affect a positive change on this dense-matter and low-consciousness planet (they failed another initiation, which I will describe later). The PCBs are here for another reason that I will also explain later.

My point was that because we have come from so many different backgrounds, it is very difficult to say anything general about what brought us here and what previous experiences we have had. This is one reason it is so difficult for people to communicate and feel basic kinship. Another is the engineered conflicts created by the PCBs. So again, I can only tell the story of my personal background, and it will say something but probably not everything about yours.



Okay, so you have probably noticed I have a tendency to digress, but that’s partly because there is such a huge gap between the PIN on this planet and the basic ingredients of the story I will tell you. I am constantly finding that in trying to explain what I consider self-evident, I have to give more information for those who have not walked the same path I have walked. I started to say that I had my origin: “A long, long time ago in a realm far beyond the material universe.” Even this, of course, goes beyond the PIN, so let me give you a bit more background.

Science on this planet has finally reached a level that most other planets reached at least a half billion years ago (and which, in fairness, was reached on earth in several past epochs that are now largely forgotten and denied by all WCs). That level is where science has conclusively proven that we live in a universe where everything is made from energy. This is significant because matter, as people on earth conceive of it, does not respond to mind, as people conceive of mind. Once people realize that matter is made from energy, they see that thoughts are also a form of energy. Because all energy is made up of waves and because waves can interact, thought energy can indeed influence other forms of energy. Once you realize that what your senses tell you is solid matter is truly made from vibrating energy, you can fairly quickly make a shift and accept that mind can influence matter—or at least the basic energy out of which matter is made.

I say you can “fairly quickly” make this shift because Einstein proved that matter is energy in 1905 and the vast majority of people, including scientists and philosophers, have not even begun to accept what this truly means. This is partly because the PCBs have used their WCs to deny the philosophical implications, but also because so many people still don’t want to take responsibility for the creative powers of their minds. This is now changing rapidly with more and more people opening their minds to a new way of looking at reality.

The PCBs deny the power of our minds today because it is by getting us to deny the power of our minds that they managed to get control over us in the first place. Only by keeping us in this state of denial, can they maintain their control over us. Only by maintaining control over us, can they continue to exist, as I will explain later.

Because everything is energy and because energy is vibration, the material universe is not a closed, isolated unit. We know there are sounds our ears cannot hear and forms of light our eyes cannot see. The reason is that our total world is made of vibrations. Earth is made of energy that vibrates at some of the slowest frequencies in our world. That is why it is so hard (but by no means impossible) for us to have a direct experience of a realm beyond what our senses can detect. It is also why it is so easy to deny that such realms exist, and the PCBs have taken full advantage of this. Basically all WCs on the planet are aimed at preventing you from having a direct experience of a realm beyond the material universe (this includes most religions).

The material universe at large vibrates at higher frequencies than earth, and many inhabited planets are at much higher frequencies. Beyond the material realm are other levels of vibration. We can roughly compare this to the tonal scale where sounds can be divided into octaves. At the lowest frequencies we find the lowest sounds and in higher octaves we find higher sounds.

As we go beyond the material octave, we enter a level of vibration I will call the emotional octave. It is here our emotions are shaped. Beyond this is the mental octave where our thoughts originate. At the highest level of our world is the identity realm, which is where our deepest sense of identity is defined. Beyond the identity realm we find realms that are in a higher category because they have achieved permanence. The four octaves of our world are still temporary, meaning they have not (by the inhabitants, meaning us) been raised to a high enough level to attain permanence. When a world is created, it is given a certain base level of vibration, and it is up to the self-aware beings who inhabit the world to raise that vibration to the point where their world attains permanence. There are several levels of the higher realm that have achieved permanence, but I will not go into that for now.


I personally had my origin in the lowest level of the higher realm, the level or sphere that became permanent just before our world was created as the next link in the creative chain. I had two “parents” who created the core of my being, namely what we can call my higher self, spiritual self or (as a more technical term) I AM Presence. It is difficult to describe this with the limited words currently used on this planet (due to the manipulation of the word by the PCBs), but as a crude explanation, we can say that my I AM Presence is a unique, individual being that contains the original blueprint for my individuality. You, of course, have your own I AM Presence.

My I AM Presence can be described as a self-aware being, but it is created with a localized sense of self-awareness. It is, as everything in the created world, created in order to grow. How does my I AM Presence expand its self-awareness? By sending me into the non-permanent world. I am an extension of my I AM Presence and I am, so to speak, its ticket to immortality. It is through my experiences and exploits in the non-permanent world that my I AM Presence expands its self-awareness. As I pass the final exam of the non-permanent schoolroom, my I AM Presence attains immortality, as do I by reuniting with my Presence.

You might ask why the I AM Presence doesn’t descend by itself. One reason is that the Presence stays in the higher realm where it cannot be damaged or destroyed by anything that happens in the non-permanent world. Another reason is that the I AM Presence is so complex that it could not fit into the bodies possible in a non-permanent world. A third reason is that in order for my Presence and I to have a complete experience of my sojourn in the non-permanent world, the Presence needs to stay in the higher realm in order to experience my experiences from that viewpoint. My Presence experiences everything I experience, but it does so from the outside, without being directly affected by it. This allows the Presence to use any experience, regardless of how I experience it, to form a positive life lesson. The astonishing importance of this will become clear later.

The inhabitants of a non-permanent world have not yet reached a level of consciousness where they have completely transcended subjectivity. By this I mean that most of them still see themselves as separate beings and therefore do not experience that all life is one. On a dense-matter planet like earth, this means people do not see that what they do to others, they are also doing to themselves. They think they can get away with doing things to others without affecting themselves. You can clearly see that this illusion is still very persuasive on earth (and only partly due to the density of matter, more due to the density of consciousness).

The short way to characterize a dense-matter planet is to refer to the old bumpersticker: “Shit happens.” Which could be rewritten as: “The PCBs make shit happen.” If the I AM Presence descended into a non-permanent world, it might be damaged or even destroyed. Given the effort required to create an I AM Presence, with an individuality that is different from the trillions and trillions of other individual beings in our total world, no sane being would risk this. So my I AM Presence sent me into the non-permanent world.

So who am I, then? I am nothing—I am no thing. You cannot define me with the limited words currently in use on earth. We can approach an explanation by saying that I am pure awareness. My I AM Presence has individuality, I do not. I have no personality, no individuality. I have self-awareness but not self-awareness as being a specific self. I know this sounds paradoxical, and it has taken me several millions years of earth time to resolve this enigma. I know it also sounds very disturbing because we are so desperate to retain our individuality. The brutal fact is that in order to discover our immortal identity, we have to be willing to let our mortal individuality die daily.

But what individuality is that? I just said that the individuality of the I AM Presence cannot die. Well, the self that I am can descend into the non-permanent world, but it too cannot die. I am no thing because I am not defined by anything in this world, which means I cannot be changed or destroyed by anything in this world. It also means that I cannot do anything in this world. I can witness what is happening in this world, but I cannot experience it from the inside and I cannot act.

In order to be able to experience this world from the inside and in order to be able to do anything here, I had to create a vehicle. This vehicle had to be made up of the four levels of energy frequencies that make up this world. Before I descended into this world (a very long time ago with earth time), I had to create a vehicle consisting of an identity “body” (defining how I saw myself in relation to this world), a mental body (defining my thoughts in relation to how this world works and what I can do here), an emotional body (defining my emotions relating to this world) and a physical body that allows me to do something in the physical octave on an inhabited planet. It was in this soul vehicle that my worldly individuality was defined. The original identity has, naturally, been changed and shaped by everything I have experienced in the non-permanent world and especially by the incredibly violent and destructive experiences I have had on earth.



I created these four lower bodies in a protected level of the identity octave under the supervision of experienced guides. When my guides and I decided my vehicle was ready, I descended for the first time into physical embodiment on a planet. This planet was not earth, but another planet with a much higher level of collective consciousness and much lower density of matter than what we currently see on earth. The significance of this was that my first planet had none of the violent and destructive manifestations so common on earth. This may require some explanation.

Our total world forms a kind of chain in which each link is created by the link that came before it. One link in the chain, one sphere, starts out as a non-permanent world and then, through the conscious co-creation of the beings inhabiting it, attains permanence. Our non-permanent world was created by self-aware beings in the realm that had attained permanence right before ours. Our world is actually the seventh link or sphere in our total world. This means there have been six worlds that attained permanence before ours.

The self-aware beings who created our world had started in the sixth sphere and had developed their creative abilities to the point where they could raise their world to attain permanence. Some of them then chose to create the next sphere, namely the one in which we live. After having created the four levels of the material world (out of their own substance), they then created (out of their own beings) beings with self-awareness and sent them (us) into the four levels of the new world. We are meant to develop our creative abilities (as our spiritual parents did) until we can collectively raise our world to permanence.

You might ask why a world is not simply created in a state of permanence? The reason is that the purpose of creating worlds is to give self-aware beings an opportunity to start with a very localized sense of self and gradually expand it to the ultimate level of self-awareness (which is so far beyond ours that I am not even able to describe it). In order for us to go through this process, we must have completely free will. This means we must have complete freedom to create any condition we like and then experience our own creation.

Given that we start out with a very localized sense of self, it should be easy to see the potential danger. A world is an interconnected whole. Contrary to what the PCBs want us to believe, earth is not a separate unit floating around in space. We are connected at a deeper level than matter to the entire material universe with all of its four levels (science has actually proven non-locality, but the PCBs have not allowed it to affect the PIN). All life is one, and thus what one individual, self-aware being does affects the whole. The purpose of the process of growth is that you gradually expand your awareness until you also realize that you are not a separate being but part of a totality.

You start out with such a localized sense of self that it is almost inevitable that you will use your creative abilities in ways that do not consider the whole. You will not start out by deliberately hurting others, but you can very easily do so without knowing it. If you were created in a permanent world, everything you did would become permanent. Thus, you are created in a non-permanent world where you can easily uncreate what you have created. The idea is that it is inevitable that you start out with such a localized state of awareness that you will create things you later want to change.

We might say that in order to freely and voluntarily join the permanent world, we have to have used our free will in all ways possible, including by acting as separate beings who can do whatever we want regardless of the consequences for the whole. Only when we have had enough of this experience, can we join the permanent world in which we would never choose to damage the whole or other beings. There simply is no other way for free will to work itself out.



When you first come into embodiment in a non-permanent world, you start by creating something based on your current awareness. As you experience the results in all four levels, you expand your awareness. This allows you to create something more advanced, something that is more, meaning that it comes from a higher level of awareness. In this way, you gradually expand your awareness through direct experience. As you complete this process and reach the ultimate level of self-awareness, you have had a direct experience of all levels of the creative process, meaning you have a deep appreciation for the complexity of creating a sustainable world. Why this is important I will leave for later, as it is too far beyond the PIN.

Even though we all start out with a localized sense of self, we do not start our creative process in a vacuum. The beings who created us have created a world for us that is sustainable. They first created the galaxies, solar systems and inhabitable planets you see at the physical level (which naturally required them to first create the corresponding structures in the three higher octaves). Then, they created our I AM Presences and gave them the choice of whether they would send extensions of themselves into the new world. Our Presences could also choose which of the four levels and to which specific planet they would send an extension.

The original planets to which we descended had a vague resemblance to the idea of a lost paradise that you find in so many cultures and religions on earth. They were created with a lower density of matter than what you find on earth. The significance of this is that while we did have physical bodies, we did not have to perform physical work in order to sustain them. On a planet with a lower density of matter, even a newly created being can bring forth what is needed for the sustenance of its physical body by using the powers of its mind. We do not have to work at the sweat of our brow in order to sustain our bodies. Our bodies are vehicles for exploring the planet; they are not tyrants that eat up all of our energy and attention for their sustenance. All planets started out this way, including earth. I will later tell the story of how earth came to have a higher density of matter and the incredibly self-centered manifestations we see today.

These original planets were by no means finished creations. The beings who create a planet do so specifically in order to give those of us who will later embody on this planet the opportunity to exercise our creative powers. Because matter is not so dense, we can easily mold the original conditions, and we have two options. One is that we build upon the foundation set by the creators of a planet. We, so to speak, multiply the talents we have been given and create an upward spiral. The other option is that we tear down this foundation, as we have collectively done on earth.

The inhabitants of a growing planet will collectively create an even more beautiful planet than what they were given. They can do this according to their individual creativity as it is combined. This happens when beings have no intent to control each other. This does not mean they are perfect because they are still relatively inexperienced. Yet if most beings on a planet are willing to learn, they can create an upward spiral that raises the basic vibration of the matter out of which the planet is made. The inhabitants can create incredible beauty that is impossible to imagine for people who have inhabited on earth over many lifetimes.


The planet upon which I first descended was a newly created planet. I was in the first wave of beings taking embodiment on it. Compared to earth, it had incredible natural beauty. The crude language used today on earth simply cannot be used to describe the beauty of my first planet. If you have seen the movie Avatar, you may have some idea of how a more beautiful planet can be, but my first planet was way beyond what the creators of Avatar could imagine with their CIA.

I first took embodiment in a valley nested between high mountains. They were not like earth mountains because they were not created through a physical, geological process. They were creations of the minds of the beings who created the planet. These beings formed a blueprint in their minds and used the creative powers of their minds to lower it through the identity, mental and emotional realms until the planet appeared in the physical spectrum of vibrations (vibrations that were much higher than those of earth today).

The mountains around my first living place were exquisitely beautiful, with gently rounded forms, yet taller than any mountains on earth. The matter out of which they were made was partly transparent, and from a distance the mountains would seem ethereal rather than solid. In the early morning and right before sunset, you could see the rays of my planet’s sun shining through the upper edges of the mountains. Even at night, they gave off a gentle glow from within the rock so my planet was never entirely dark. Even in the middle of the night, you could always move around without artificial light.

I would like to call this type of planet for a “natural” planet because what you see on earth is not natural at all. So on a natural planet, matter is not completely solid. It is always a bit translucent and emits a glow of light. This reminds you that you do not live in a separate world; you live in a world that is part of a larger continuum of energy vibrations. You can directly perceive that even the densest form of matter is made from vibrating energy.

Once you gain your bearings on a natural planet, you know that matter does not exist on its own. Matter is created by a stream of energy that comes through the emotional, mental and identity octaves, but beyond that comes from the permanent realm. You know that this stream of energy is real because you can directly observe it in your own mind, being consciously aware of all four levels and how energy flows through them.

Likewise, the living creatures on my first planet were of indescribable beauty. On a newly created planet, there are no animal life forms, but there are usually some forms of plant life. The inhabitants can create animal life forms and they can create new plant species. On my first planet, the plants had amazing shapes because they were not limited by the very restrictive (so-called) laws of nature you find on earth. With a lower gravity, plants could grow larger and especially the flowers were incredibly large with translucent petals that created indescribable patterns when the sunlight would shine through them.

The body I had on this planet had a vague resemblance to human bodies, but it was larger and far more beautiful. I could physically observe that my body did not live by its own power or the power of the physical octave. Many people on earth are aware that our physical bodies have an aura or energy field around them, which is actually the three higher bodies (identity, mental, emotional). Some people have the ability to see these auras, including myself, and science will soon validate this through the use of special digital cameras. On my first planet, I could not only see my aura around my physical body, I could also see the energy centers in my aura, called chakras on earth.

In the center of my chest, in the heart chakra, I could see a non-physical “flame” with three plumes, one corresponding to each of the higher bodies, blue to the identity body, yellow to the mental body and pink to the emotional body. I could feel the stream of energy flowing through my four lower bodies and I was therefore consciously aware that everything I created was created by using the energies that came from a higher realm and were then lowered in vibration through my four lower bodies until they took on a physical manifestation. I also knew that this stream of energy sustained the life of my physical body (as is even the case on earth).

On earth we are so used to having to do everything with the limited powers of the physical body or with the still very limited powers of technology. The only parallel we have on earth is that you are using a computer program to create a form that can be almost anything you can imagine. Thus, your imagination is the only limitation. On my first planet, I could create anything I could imagine, but not as an image on a computer. I created it as an image in my identity body, made it more concrete in my mental body, gave it momentum in my emotional body and then lowered it into the physical spectrum as a complete form.

Of course, this is still the way we all create on earth. It is just that because most people are not aware of their three higher bodies, they have no conscious awareness of or mastery over what and how they create. Another factor is that due to the density of matter, it takes longer to bring a form into physical manifestation, meaning we are not aware that we have (collectively) created current physical conditions on earth. What we are reaping today, was something we sowed a long time ago.



In the beginning I was, of course, not very good at creating, but I received plenty of help. I lived in a small community with many other new beings, and we had the constant guidance of some of the beings from the higher realm. These beings had not taken on bodies that were quite as dense as ours. But they had taken on bodies that we could perceive with the senses of the physical body.

We had the kind of community that many people dream of having on earth but that is so rarely achieved. We never had an argument and you truly never heard a discouraging word, as the old song goes. We started by engaging in various building projects under the supervision of our guides. We created structures for ourselves to live in and then we created structures for communal activities.

It was an amazingly wonderful experience to be part of such a harmonious community and to see how we all grew in awareness and creative ability by creating these structures together. None of us had the creative power yet to create, for example, a house on our own. But by combining the power of our minds, we could indeed create such structures.

Our physical bodies did not age, partly due to the low density of matter on the planet, but mostly because our minds had no dualistic beliefs and thus did not qualify energy below a certain vibration. Each planet has a ground level of vibration. Any energy that vibrates above that level will not break down the structures on the planet. So if you do not use your mind to lower energy below the ground level, your body never ages. You can, of course, shape it over time and make it as you would like it, but you basically uphold the same physical body for as long as you desire to be on that planet. Thus, reincarnation was not necessary. It only becomes so when the majority of the inhabitants of a planet go into the dualistic mindset and densify matter by generating a lot of energy that is below the ground level of the planet.

As you continued life on my first planet, you would gradually grow in creative ability. This means primarily two things. One is that you expanded your ability to envision structures and forms. The other is that you expanded your power to bring structures into the physical octave. Even on a natural planet, the increasing density of the four levels of matter require a certain creative power or momentum in order to bring a form into the physical and lowest octave.

In the beginning, I was entirely focused on myself and expanding my creative abilities. From the start, I was working with others, and gradually I began to focus on expanding my ability to work with others in harmony. After a long time, I realized that working in harmony is one thing, but there is a higher level, namely oneness with another being. As part of this process, I found my first partner and we lived together in a greater union with each other than we did with the other beings in our community. However, this was very different from planet earth and the relationships you see here.

Although our bodies had what you could call a female and male polarity, we did not have physical sexual organs. The main reason being that there was no need for procreation in the physical octave. You might say this sounds boring because we could not have sex. And I understand that for many people sex gives them a brief moment of contact with a realm beyond their normal state of consciousness. However, on my first planet, we practiced a kind of non-sexual union with all four bodies that was infinitely more pleasurable and enjoyable than sex on earth. I am not trying to knock sex. Compared to many other earthly activities, it can be quite transcendental, but compared to the activities on my first planet, it pales completely. The difference is simply indescribable because this planet gives no frame of reference for locking in to what I have come to remember.



My first partner and I lived together for many years in complete harmony, supporting each others growth. We eventually came to the mutual consent that we were no longer experiencing maximum growth. We separated on positive terms. My partner went on to find another partner, but I decided to move to one of the cities that had now been developed on my first planet. I moved to the cultural capital of my planet, and here I engaged in communal activities, primarily with the theatre and performing arts.

The theatre performances we created had the purpose of helping people grow by becoming more aware of their three non-physical bodies and how to use their creative abilities. We were also seeking to help people avoid developing conflicts by learning how to deal with the emotions that came up because people lived together. There were no villains in our performances, as is so common on earth. The reason being that there were no villains on the planet. The collective consciousness stayed above the level where it was possible to deliberately harm others while thinking this would not harm yourself. We could say that no one was unaware enough to harm another and believe this would not affect themselves.

We had quite elaborate special effects, even more advanced than what you see in movies made with computer technology. Only, our special effects were not produced by technological devices but by the power of the combined minds of the performers and other personnel. It was an extremely fulfilling experience to be part of a team of people who dedicated their full attention to creating these incredible performances. It was a joy beyond anything this planet has to offer. I also found a new partner at this stage and we shared our journey for a very long time.

After working with the theatre and other forms of culture for a long time, I eventually moved into government. I started with a modest position in local government. Over a long time span I worked my way up to a position as member of the planetary council. When you consider how government, even in democratic countries, works on earth, you can hardly imagine what it was like to work in government on a planet that had no selfishness. It was a complete joy and we saw ourselves as mere facilitators, never thinking we had personal power to do anything or that we were more important than other people. We were always serving, and we facilitated the relationship between the broad population and the councillors of our planet, meaning those in the higher realm. This is the primary spiritual activity found on a natural planet, and one can go into it after serving for a time in government. I did this also and found it very fulfilling to interact with the spiritual beings guiding my first planet.

I lived on my first planet for a very long time, always maintaining my physical body in a completely healthy and youthful state. Disease or ageing were not concepts that we even had in our minds. It is difficult to say exactly how long I was on my first planet in earth years because time was so different. As you know, time is different on the moon, with a day lasting 14 earth days, so you know time depends on gravity. However, the strength of the force of gravity depends on the density of the matter of a planet, and that depends on the collective consciousness of the inhabitants. If I were to make some kind of comparison, I lived for about one million earth years in the same body on my first planet.

After that time span, I had raised my consciousness to such a level that I had little to learn on that planet. During this process, I had become more and more conscious of my counsellors from the higher realm (whom we called “ascended masters”), and I had developed a closer relationship with them. Through their help, I was allowed to investigate other planets that matched my level of development, and I eventually chose one that was quite different from my first planet.

I now went through the process of dissolving the four lower bodies that I had created in order to embody on my first planet. I then created four new bodies adapted to my second planet. This was an amazing process because I was now much more conscious than I had been the first time.

I lived on my second planet for even longer than my first. Again, this was a planet with no conflicts, violence or disharmony. I eventually moved on to my third and fourth planets, before I was ready to consider embodying on a planet like earth (in the beginning no such planet even existed). I will next talk about the process that led me to this stage.


When you are a new being, you go through a very long stage where you are focused on yourself and your own growth. However, this is nothing like the self-centeredness or narcissism you see on earth. On a natural planet, you know there is a realm beyond the material world and you know you are connected to it. Although you see yourself as an individual being, you can never believe you are a separateor isolated being. You always know you are part of something greater than yourself, including a realm beyond the material and the other beings in your local community. You are not trying to hold on to a particular sense of self; you are constantly seeking to expand your circle of awareness.

In the beginning, your sense of self, your self-awareness, is completely localized. As a crude illustration, we can say that your self-awareness is like a single point. It is as if you are standing in the darkness with a small light above you that is casting light on your body and the area immediately around it. You simply can’t see anything beyond that small circle. As you have experiences on your first planet, you gradually expand your circle of awareness and this means your self grows to encompass an awareness of more and more. This first involves your local community. It then will involve one or more partners. It eventually will involve taking on the role of some kind of leader in your local community, then a wider community and eventually maybe the planetary council found on all natural planets (on earth people are too divided to develop a true planetary council).

Yet even though you are clearly expanding your self-awareness, it is still normal that you do this for the purpose of developing yourself as an individual. You have a clear goal in the sense that you know that the goal of life is to expand your self-awareness to a higher level. As you become more aware, you realize that it is possible to expand your self-awareness to the point where you graduate from your first planet and can move on. This means you have now learned everything there is to learn and mastered the energies of the planet to a high degree. You can then move on to another planet in order to get a different experience and also expand your mastery there. This can go on for a long time before you become aware of the next level.



A new, non-permanent world has a very long time to grow and evolve and there are billions of planets in the material universe and many other places to grow in the three higher octaves. So you can literally continue this process of self-development for a very long time. This means you can achieve an amazing mastery in using the energies of this non-permanent sphere. You can become very powerful in formulating a vision and making it a physical manifestation.

In doing this, you develop the sophistication of all four of your bodies, but you especially develop the power to fashion energy into physical forms. You can therefore become very powerful in creating compared to others who are not as far along. This is not the same as what is currently seen as powerful people on earth where the PCBs have perverted the concept of power from being creative to being controlling.

Some beings will eventually grow to become far more powerful than others. This is, of course, ultimately a product of the fact that all beings have a will that is completely free. I have said that none of us are inherently limited and it is not so that the design of individual beings predisposes some to become more powerful. It is all a matter of what a being does with its free will and the energy it receives. It is truly a matter of where you choose to focus your attention.

The law is very simple. As you sow, so shall you reap. I know this saying has been made sort of ominous by the fear-based religions created on earth by the PCBs (and yes, all religions on earth are WCs). They want us to believe that this saying means that if you do something bad, you will be punished. In reality, it simply means that all of the energies you project out, will be returned to you multiplied. You can put one grain of wheat in the ground, and you receive 20 grains in return. As a new being, you receive a certain flow of creative energy from your I AM Presence. As you use this to expand your sense of self, as you multiply the talents given, the stream will be expanded. You will now have more creative energy and thus you have more power to create. This expansion can go on for a very long time, but there is a limit.

There are stages in the ideal growth of an individual. First, we have a stage where one is focused on developing all four lower bodies. Then one becomes focused on working with others in a local community. Then one may have one or several partners. Then one goes on to serve society in a wider capacity, for example through arts or through building, invention etcetera. Then one goes into some form of government and finally one can go into the spiritual activities found on a natural planet (which are very different from religions on earth).

The thread that runs through it all is that one develops the sense of self, expands the circle of awareness. Yet where is it all leading? Well, I have talked about six previous realms or spheres that all became permanent whereas our world is impermanent. How does a sphere become permanent? It does so when the vast majority of its inhabitants have grown beyond the level of being focused on themselves by resolving the enigma that we are individual beings but still part of one, interconnected whole. We have individual minds but are still part of one mind. If this sounds nonsensical to you, it is no surprise. You are (still) on earth because you have not yet resolved this enigma. This is not meant as a criticism, as the PCBs have made it extremely difficult to solve this enigma on earth.

My point is that it is quite possible to expand your self and increase the sophistication of your soul vehicle without truly understanding the purpose of it all. This will require a very subtle explanation because the PCBs have never even begun to understand this, and as a result all of the WCs they have created on earth will deny what I will explain next.

The basic illusion of all PCBs is that they can reach such a level of sophistication and perfection that their outer vehicles (their four bodies) can attain permanence. They also believe that this will eventually give them control over the entire universe, as they see it with their PRC.

The basic reality is that a self-aware being is meant to go through three phases. First, you have the phase where you are focused on building your self, the self you have created in this world. Then, you begin to realize that nothing in this world is permanent and therefore it really has no importance in itself. This world is only a vehicle for the development of the beings who live in it. This world can become permanent, but this does not mean that any of the structures created in it will attain permanence. The world attains permanence by being raised to a level of vibration that is so much higher that none of the structures in the world can be sustained. All will be made new. This includes the most elaborate cities created on the most developed planets, it includes the planets themselves and all solar systems and galaxies.

Most importantly, it includes the outer selves created by the self-aware beings in our world. Yes, first we labor for a very long time in order to create a sophisticated outer self, and then we – ideally – begin to understand that this self was just a temporary vehicle. It facilitated our growth in self-awareness, but it is not meant to or capable of ascending with us to the level of permanence. You can indeed attain immortality by ascending to the higher realm, but you cannot do so by taking your outer self with you. Only the being that descended from the higher realm, can ascend back to the higher realm. The real growth in self-awareness happens in your I AM Presence.



The crucial dividing line is whether a being gets this or not. If a being gets it, it will gradually begin to dismantle its outer self and raise its sense of self beyond it. It will also begin to focus on helping others raise their awareness instead of creating sustainable structures in this world. If a being does not get this, it will think it has to continue to expand its outer self until it achieves the ultimate state of perfection (according to its own perception, which it thinks is universal instead of subjective). It thinks this will give it entry into immortality. It may also think it can create structures in this world that are so sophisticated they can attain permanence.

As you, meaning the self that is pure awareness, experienced the non-permanent world through your four lower bodies, your I AM Presence had an entirely different experience. Your experience is colored by the contents of your four lower bodies, which may be heavily affected by your environment (that is why your experience can only be subjective, never universal). For example, on a dense-matter planet like earth many people have a soul vehicle that experiences a lot of suffering and a sense of being powerless. Yet while this is happening, their I AM Presences have an entirely constructive experience and learn timeless life lessons. It is these lessons that will form part of your immortal identity; not the experiences you have through the soul vehicle.

In order to permanently ascend and become an immortal being, you can take nothing with you from your experience in the non-permanent world. You have to systematically dismantle your soul vehicle. This includes looking at all of the choices you made while having a limited self-awareness and then replacing them with the self-awareness of a being who is one with the All. It also includes raising the vibration of all energies qualified with a lower vibration than the base energy on the planets on which you have lived. You have to raise all fear-based energies to the level of love. Once you have done this, the self that descended can ascend back and reunite with the I AM Presence out of which it came. You become one with your I AM Presence or you give up the illusion of being out of or away from the Presence. You become the Presence once again. I realize this is difficult to explain with earth words, but the experience is simple. You have to give up everything you thought you were in this world.


Our non-permanent world has existed for a very long time. In that time span the vast majority of beings have come to see what the process of growth is all about. There are billions of planets that are ascending in vibration because the inhabitants are on the path of dismantling their outer selves and qualifying for the process of ascending to immortality. Incidentally, on any of these planets, your current physical body simply could not exist. If your body was somehow transported there, its cells and molecules would be shaken apart by the higher vibrations in a split second.

There is no question that making the shift from being focused on raising the outer self and then beginning to dismantle that self is a very subtle challenge. Most beings go through an in-between state. They have gone into the phase of selflessly serving some greater cause or their community, but they have not fully grasped that the outer self through which they do this must die. That is why so many people on earth are open to a religion that promises a form of salvation without consciously dismantling the outer self. The PCBs create this illusion by promising that an external savior will take you to a higher realm, rather than you having to do it by fundamentally changing your sense of self. The PCBs don’t want to change their sense of self. They don’t want to give up the separate self they have crafted over a very long time. They want to think this self can one day enter a higher realm and become immortal.

Back to my own story. On my fourth planet, I did reach the point of beginning to selflessly serve something greater, but I had not even begun to understand the need to let the outer self die. I thought it was my role to make this outer self perfect, meaning it would become completely selfless. In reality, it is an illusion that the outer self can become selfless or objective, but I did not understand this. My councillors tried to explain this to me, but I could not grasp it and paid little attention to their advice.

This has something to do with the fact that I had been a very eager student and very willing to make an effort to develop my creative powers. I had attained a very big momentum on imagining forms and making them a physical reality. I had been in leading positions for a very long time, and I had come to believe that I really was a powerful creative being and that I had great wisdom and understanding of how the world works. And I was not wrong; I did have power and insight in how the material world works, but I did not grasp the non-material reality. My attention had been focused horizontally, not vertically.

The result was that I came to a point where I became less willing to listen to advice. In retrospect, I can see that my councillors knew exactly what was happening to me. They had seen it before, and some of them had even gone through the same phase. Yet they also knew that for any student, there is a limit to what that student can learn by being told. There can come a point where the student thinks it knows so much that it cannot learn from a teacher. It can learn only by pursuing a certain cause of action and then eventually realizing that it does not work because it is based on a flawed vision. Only then, will the student again have an open mind to the teacher.



During this phase, I began to consider one of the most difficult questions that beings have to deal with as they develop self-awareness to my level. On the planets upon which I had so far embodied, no being had ever misused its free will to deliberately harm others. All had, as did I, stayed in the level of innocence where you always qualify energies with love and never with fear.

Yet there comes a point where a being has to deal with the fact that free will is completely free. There is no higher authority that limits your free will. You can literally do anything you can imagine doing because you are allowed to have any experience you desire to have. Growth happens only when you imagine an experience, then make it a physical circumstance so you experience it through the physical body and the other bodies. After having experienced this for some time, perhaps a long time, you finally come to the point where you have had enough of that experience and want more, want a higher experience.

It is possible that instead of always seeking to expand your sense of self, you can decide that you want to maintain a certain sense of self over time. You can also decide that you want to maintain a certain physical circumstance over time. This means that instead of flowing with the upward movement of the entire sphere, you will have to deliberately go against the upward flow created by all of the other trillions and trillions of beings in our world.

Flowing with the current in a river is easy, swimming against the current requires a greater effort and it quickly becomes a struggle. You are indeed allowed to use your free will to go against the upward current created by all other beings with free will. Yet you cannot expect that they should all stop growing because you do so. This means that if you make the choice to go against the creative flow, your life will become a struggle. It is like you are still in the river, but you are trying to keep the same position instead of letting the current carry you along.

Because this requires a struggle, it is possible that you can come to a point where you are no longer content to try to maintain your own position. You also want to maintain a physical condition that involves other beings. You are not only trying to keep yourself in position by resisting the current, you are actually trying to stop the current.

Again, the Law of Free Will is the basic law in a non-permanent sphere so it allows you to have even this experience. Yet how can you have it? You obviously cannot stop the forward movement of an entire sphere, but you are allowed to have the experience of stopping the creative current in a local environment. If a majority of the people on a planet decide to stop the flow and maintain a certain experience, then that planet is allowed to lag behind the movement of the rest of the sphere.



Yet there is a twist. Scientists on earth have discovered what is called the second law of thermodynamics. It officially says that in a closed system, disorder (entropy) will increase until all structures are broken down and the system is at its lowest possible energy state. It’s a good discovery, but unfortunately materialistic science has made a mess of interpreting it, as they do with everything else. The real meaning is that any closed system will inevitably self-destruct because it will create a resistance that will increase until no power within the system can overcome the resistance and the system breaks down.

In reality, there are no closed systems. Everything in our total world was created from the same source, the same mind, and it is interconnected in consciousness. So everything affects everything else, everything pulls on everything else. Yet because of free will, it is allowed that a group of beings in an unascended sphere can temporarily set themselves outside the upward movement created by all of the other self-aware beings in our world. In order to do this, they have to take whatever creative momentum they have and use it to create a force that works against the current of life, the River of Life. This is no longer co-creation but de-creation.

Doing this will inevitably require a struggle. When you seek to maintain your self or a particular physical condition, you are effectively saying that you want to experience what it is like to struggle instead of co-creating. A struggle implies that you are a separate being and that something outside of you resists or opposes what you want to do. In order to experience a struggle, there must be something for you to struggle against. On a natural planet, there is nothing to oppose you and you cannot maintain the illusion that you are a separate being. Matter on a natural planet effortlessly takes on any form your mind projects upon it. Matter is not opposing your co-creative efforts but facilitating them.

This is actually explained in a veiled way by the story of the Garden of Eden. At first, Adam and Eve needed to exert no physical effort for their sustenance. When they left the garden, they had to work out a living at “the sweat of their brow.” As with the materialists, religious people have made a mess of interpreting this (as they do with everything), and they think it should be taken literally to talk about the first two people. In reality, it symbolizes the fall in consciousness, from love to fear, that all people on earth have gone through. Of course, the story does not make this clear, and it incorrectly portrays the god in the garden as some kind of tyrant. The reason being that Genesis was highly influenced by the PCBs from the beginning, as I will explain later. In reality, everything is a result of the free-will choices we make and no higher being ever forces us. There are fear-based non-material forces that seek to force us, but I will return to that later.

Only when a planet sinks below the level of love and becomes dominated by the vibrations of fear, can the sense of struggle be de-created. The law still works, meaning that whatever energies you project out, must be returned to you multiplied. So when the inhabitants of a planet begin to struggle, they will actually send out a certain amount of fear-based energy that will be returned to them multiplied. This return has the effect of densifying the matter on their planet. Denser matter gives more resistance to the creative efforts of the inhabitants of the planet, and this is exactly what they want to experience.

In the beginning phase, this can actually give the inhabitants on a planet a certain sense of having power over other people, over nature or even over the forces of the universe. This is because they still have the creative momentum they had garnered until they stepped into fear and separation. As long as this is not used up, they will have a sense of having power and control over their destiny. Yet there will inevitably come a point where all of their love-based momentum has now been converted into fear-based energy and used to resist the current of life.

At that moment, the inhabitants could potentially turn around and start climbing back towards their starting point. Yet in many cases they do not want to consider doing so because they have now become convinced that they are right in doing what they are doing. Or they have forgotten that it was their own choice that started the process. This is partly caused by the fact that when the matter on a planet densifies, the physical bodies can no longer be maintained indefinitely. The denser the matter, the shorter the lifespan of the body, which means that all such unnatural planets need to have reincarnation. Yet because of the density of matter, people tend to forget that they have incarnated before and they become convinced they were born into the dense and limiting circumstances that they themselves helped de-create in the past.

They now easily begin to believe that they did not create their limited situation out of their own choosing and by using their own creative momentum. Instead, they often believe they are victims of some force outside themselves. They feel this is unjust, and they often struggle against it with all the power they have left, making the situation even more intense. This can go on for a long time. It can lead to incredible amounts of suffering as the inhabitants always fracture into several groups that oppose each other. It has in some cases led to the inhabitants of a planet creating such resistance (so much fear-based energy) that the planet could no longer bear the strain. This has led to cataclysmic events, what people today mistakenly call natural disasters, that have erased entire civilizations. It has even happened that a planet has been blown apart by the energies created through the warring of its inhabitants.

When I began contemplating these ideas, there was a fairly large number of planets (a greater number than today) where this had happened. I had no awareness of this on my first four planets because they had been in the creative flow. Yet as I was coming to the point where I had little more to learn from being on my fourth planet, I became aware of the possibility that beings can use their free will to go against the creative current. I also became aware that this had been done on a number of planets, and I became aware that a lot of beings had become stuck on such planets. The mechanics of what it requires to go against the creative current makes it possible, even likely, that beings will become stuck in a lesser sense of self because they believe they cannot raise themselves above it. This realization had a life-changing impact on me and set me on a course that I have later regretted many times.



On a natural planet, you are also wearing a physical body, but because the vibrations of the planet are so much higher (matter is so much less dense) the body is not nearly as limited as earth bodies. The body on a natural planet does not age or get sick, but the most important consequence in this context is that its senses have a far greater range than the senses of earth bodies.

On my first four planets, I had bodies that could directly sense that the matter of my planets did not exist on its own but was created by energies that streamed from a higher realm. That is why it never occurred to me that I was a separate being, living in a separate world. You simply could not have made me believe in what is today the most common illusion on earth (upheld by every WC created by the PCBs).

For example, on earth there are people who have clairvoyant or extra-sensory perception and who can see auras around people’s bodies. Even science is beginning to realize that such energy fields exist. Yet many people still believe the aura is produced by the body whereas the reality is that the physical body is produced by the aura. The aura is simply the three higher bodies and the physical body is created and maintained by the energy streaming through these bodies.

When I first descended to earth, I had the ability to see auras. As I sank in consciousness, I lost it, but I have now regained it. One consequence of this is that no one can lie to me. I can see in their auras what their intentions are and I can see if they are lying. When you consider how the vast majority of people on earth are lying every day or want to hide their intentions, thoughts and feelings from others, you can see why they are not ready to take responsibility for themselves. You can hide what goes on in your mind only because matter on earth is so dense, but the price you pay is that denser matter makes life a struggle, ages your body and creates diseases. The privilege of lying leads to the consequence of death.

I am getting lost in details. What I wanted to explain here is that the denser matter on earth blocks your direct, sensory experience, telling you that there are energies beyond the material spectrum. This is what makes a dense-matter planet a kind of dead-end, a catch-22, from which it is very difficult to extricate yourself, once you have bought into the illusion that you are a separate being living in a separate world.

We are experience-based beings. As beings who have not yet attained immortality, our primary goal is to expand our sense of self. We do this by interacting with our environment, which gives us an experience that is based on the senses of our physical bodies but is truly processed by our three higher bodies. It is this total experience that can shift our sense of self, our sense of identity, upwards or downwards. On a natural planet, interacting with your environment leads you to shift your sense of self upwards. On an unnatural planet, this is very difficult to do. It is far more likely that people will have a total experience of their environment that causes them to shift their sense of self downwards. They gradually come to feel powerless and insignificant. It is exactly this trend that the PCBs use in order to control us. All of their WCs are designed to get you to feel more and more powerless and to prevent you from ever climbing out of the hole you have dug for yourself.



Just look at earth. Your physical senses cannot directly show you that there are energies beyond the material spectrum of frequencies. Therefore, you have no frame of reference from beyond the material (and this is why materialism has appeal to so many people). Sure, you may believe that there is a heaven world, as described by a religion. Or you may believe such a heaven world is pure superstition, as described by the religion of materialism. But this is mere belief and not a direct experience.

Because you have no direct experience, no frame of reference, you have come to believe one of the most subtle illusions spread by the PCBs, namely that your mind does not have the power to directly influence matter. You believe this because you experience that at your present level of awareness, you cannot change your life circumstances or even move a rock by the power of your mind.

In reality, this is a complete lie. Sure, you may say that you do not have the power to influence matter with your mind, and you are right. However, you are right only because you have become a self-fulfilling prophecy. It is true that your mind cannot change matter—at your present level of awareness. Yet the lie is that your present level of awareness is the only level of awareness available to you. It is a much lower level of awareness than what is possible. You have descended into this lower state through your own choices. You were manipulated and deceived by the PCBs, but you still made the choices. The magic of admitting this is that you can also undo the choices you have made. Any choice you have ever made can be undone by making a more aware choice. The PCBs cannot prevent you from doing this, and this is what they really do not want you to know and accept.

Here is the basic Law of Free Will. You can create any sense of self you want, but you can never create a sense of self that you cannot get out of. You can get yourself into a very deep hole by making choices, but you can never create a hole so deep that you cannot get out of it by making more aware choices. By the way, all PCBs and their WCs will vehemently deny what I just said. Their basic lie on earth is that you can indeed make certain choices that cannot be undone by making new choices. This is how you can expose any theory or thought system and know it is created by the PCBs with the deliberate intent of controlling you.

So back to my story. When I started studying planets that had fallen below the level of fear, I realized that once they cross that threshold, the people embodying on such planets have no direct experience that there is anything beyond matter. Therefore, it becomes virtually impossible for them to regain their awareness of themselves as coming from a higher realm. The planet becomes a closed system that will inevitably have such internal resistance that it might self-destruct.

I felt deep and honest compassion for the beings who had become stuck on such planets, and I developed a sincere desire to help them. Because I did not understand fully how free will works, I thought something had gone wrong and that someone (me) needed to correct this. I developed the sense that I should do something to save them, and I soon realized there was only one way to do so. I had to embody on such a planet and demonstrate to the inhabitants that there was a higher way, a higher sense of self. I realized that giving these people a theory, such as a religion, was not enough in itself. They needed to have a direct experience that a person in a body like themselves could raise his or her consciousness beyond their level. Only then, might they accept that this was possible for themselves also.

During this process, I did, of course, talk to my councillors. I can see now that they were trying to explain something to me that I was not capable of understanding and not truly willing to consider. I can see how they finally resigned themselves to the fact that I simply had to be allowed to have the experience of descending to an unnatural planet in order to act as a savior. Today, I clearly see that I had developed a savior complex, but back then you could not have explained it to me. And that only proves how we need direct experience in order to learn our lessons and shift our sense of self.

So I was allowed to take embodiment on an unnatural planet, and I chose earth. I will now describe my first pivotal embodiment on this planet.

End of the fragment